The Regan Research Group


August, 2017: Billy Hubbard and Jared Lodico at the Microscopy & Microanalysis (M&M) conference in St. Louis, MO.

June 2017: (left to right) Brian Zutter, Andrew Kessel, Mark Woodall, Andy Chan, Billy Hubbard, Chris Regan, Roshni Patil, Gurleen Bal, and Jared Lodico.

April 2017: (left to right) Billy Hubbard, Gurleen Bal, Andy Chan, Jared Lodico, Mark Woodall, Bozo Vareskic, Brian Zutter, Andrew Kessel, Graydon Flatt, Cai Boer, Roshni Patil, and Chris Regan.

January 2016: (left to right) Tianyi Ge, Brian Zutter, Mark Woodall, Billy Hubbard, Gurleen Bal, Jared Lodico, Paul Denham, Erick Garcia, and (inset) Chris Regan.

Top Row:  B.C. Regan, Gurleen Bal, Mark Woodall

Bottom Row: Billy Hubbard, Erick Garcia, Jared Lodico


Ed mesmerized by a diffraction pattern at the TEM

Addicted to cell phones (and apparently writing on our hands) Left to right: Alex Kerelsky, Gavin Carlson,
Bradley Parks, Nick Macro, Jared Lodico, Matthew Mecklenburg, Billy Hubbard, Ed White, B.C. Regan.

From left to right: Billy Hubbard, B.C. Regan, Hannah Herde, Gavin Carlson, Jared Lodico, Grant Jasmin,
Edward White, Alexander Kerelsky, Bradley Parks.

From left to right: Matt Mecklenburg, Ed White, Brian Shevitski, Sylvia Li, Chris Regan, Scott Singer.

Edward White having a good time with science.


Nick, Alex and Gavin graduate undergrad.

Matt Mecklenburg and Shaul working with a TEM.

Ed, Brad and Nick have fun at the fountain.

Brad in Afghanistan.

Karina Monrow ready to set sail on the USS Mitscher.

Billy Hubbard does the moon walk.

Ed and Grant ready to bike home after a long night at the TEM.

Gavin Carlson making samples.

Nick, Alex and Chris at graduation.

Ed with his dream bike

Jared and Alex.